N. MME Wilfron Gonnere’ Bergen Water Gardens

N. ‘MME Wilfron Gonnere’

N. ‘MME Wilfron Gonnere’ pink hardy waterlily

2 thoughts on “N. MME Wilfron Gonnere’ Bergen Water Gardens

  1. I have a pond less water fall. The water can be kept about 3 inches above the gravel. The gravel bed is about 4 ft diameter and 4 ft deep I have an auto fill to maintain the water level. Is there a low growing flowering plant I could put there. Thanks.
    Tony. Scubadoo00@yahoo.com

    • Sure there are a number of plants that could work as most marginal plants like to grow in shallow water…Hardy – Corkscrew Rush, Marsh Marigolds, Aroowhead etc. Tropical: Dwarf Papyrus, Taros even canna. Creepers like Golden Creeping Jenny or Chameleon Plant. You could even do water hyacinth for the season

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