Chinese Bowl Lotus

Chinese Bowl Lotus are a favorite plant among Chinese growers for several reasons:

  1. Bowl Lotus are small – Many Chinese today live in urban settings. Large plants, which require a lot of space or a pond, are impracticable. Small plants can easy be grown on a windowsill, balcony or roof top. Bowl lotus meet this criteria and are a popular, traditional plant to grow.
  2. Bowl Lotus are simplistic – Most bowl lotus have a limited number of leaves and tend not to produce a large number of flowers at once. For the Chinese there is elegance and beauty with simplicity.
  3. Bowl lotus are lotus – lotus hold a special sense of “awe” in Chinese thought –  out of the mud rises a beautiful flower
  4. All lotus link with Buddhist philosophy and history. Therefore lotus are essential to have at the home or work. The small size of bowl lotus make them practical to keep and cherish.

Here are some recent photos of bowl lotus from China that were shared on their social media called Sina Weibo:

Bowl Lotus Tubers for sale from Bergen Water Gardens in 2016:

Chu Lady

Drunk in Jiangnan

Heart Blood

Gold with Pink Family #3


Little Spirits

Pink Make Up #1

Purple Fairy 2

Purple Fairy 6

Red Peony

Red Silk Ball #10

Stunning Lotus

Additional information on Bowl Lotus is here

Read about Mr. Zhou Jingsong


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