Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants Around the Pond

Carnivorous Plants maybe planted in a bog garden, a floating island or a large pot/mini bog.

New for 2016: More cp growing capacity

Carnivorous plants for sale

To successfully grow carnivorous plants:

  • Use only rainwater, reverse osmosis water or distilled water
  • Media should be wet, with about 2 inches of water at the base
  • Pots should have holes on the bottom to allow water to saturate the pot
  • Planting media should be 50% sphagnum peat and 50% sand; some growers will add pearlite to the mix
  • Use NO fertilizer – they collect their own food
  • Full sun
  • Protection from harsh winter weather of New York

Primary Groups of Carnivorous Plants:

American Pitcher Plants – Sarracenia

Sundews – Drosera

Venus Fly Trap – Dionaea

Butterworts – Pinguicula