2017 Koi and Pond Fish have arrived

New koi and pond fish are arriving weekly at Bergen Water Gardens. Early May has been thus far very cold and rainy therefore limiting the introduction of new fish to outdoor ponds. When the warm temperatures arrive, we will have plenty of koi of and ponds fish.

Choose from:

  • 3 – 4 inch select standard and butterfly koi
  • 4 to 6 inch select standard and butterfly koi
  • 6 to 8 inch select standard and butterfly koi
  • 3 to 4 inch Wakin
  • 3 to 4 inch Sarasa Comet and Shubunkin
  • 4 to 6 inch Sarasa Comet and Shubunkin
  • 4 inch Apricot Comets

Check out our new koi treats you make at home HERE.

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Simple Koi Treats

For koi keepers, hand feeding their koi is one of the most enjoyable experiences of pond keeping. Simple koi treats are hard to find as many manufacturers have abandoned making them. Repashy Super Foods are easy to make and fun to feed! Repashy Super Foods are a perfect way to supplement and enhance for pond fish’s diet. Readily eaten by koi, comets, sarasas, shubunkins, golden orfes, channel cats – all pond fish!

Repashy’s proprietary gel technology uses soluble algae and plant fibers in a combination that optimizes gel stability. Water soluble vitamins and other nutrients are locked into the gel matrix and remain stable until broken down in the digestive tract. Repashy uses only the highest quality ingredients.

Repashy Super Foods are a perfect solution to make your own simple koi treats.

  • Mix 1 part Repashy Super food powder with 3 parts boiling water.
  • Mix well, removing all lumps. Add any “extras” at this point, mix.
  • Four into small food containers or on the surface of a smooth rock
  • Let cool and solidify for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Feed to koi and pond fish
  • Unused food maybe stored in a sealed container for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator or 6 months in the freezer.
  • To adjust firmness of gel, use more or less water as desired.

Our favorite Repashy Super Foods for Koi and Pond Fish:

  • Community Plus – Staple gel for Omnivorous Species of Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Dr. Tanner’s Fruut Luups – First fruit and insect based gelatin food for your fish. High quality ingredients include: Papaya, Mango, Organic Banana, and Fig. PLUS: easily digestible Black Soldier Fly, Krill, and Squid
  • Grub Pie – Insect Based (75%) gel for Insectivorous Species of Tropical Fish. Great for Koi, Goldfish, Golden Orfe, Livebearers, Gouramis, Catfish. Insects are raised in the USA on high-quality ingredients.
  • RedRum – Carotenoid Gel Supplement for occasional direct feeding, or adding to other Repashy Gel formulas to enhance the diet of Fish. Contains a “broad spectrum” of Carotenoids from whole ingredients (no synthetics). Including, but not limited to: Astaxanthin, Capsanthin, Capsorubin, Apsorubin, Beta-Carotene, Alpha Carotene, Beta Cryptoxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Neoaxanthin, Cucurbitaxanthin, Violaxanthin, Lutein, Echineone, Canthaxanthin and Lycopene. Great for Red Comets, Sarasas and red pigmented koi.
  • Soilent Green – Gel for Aufwuchs (Algae and Small Living Organisms) Eating Species of Fish including goldfish and koi.
  • Spawn & Grow Freshwater – a “recovery formula” for malnourished and stressed fish, as well as for conditioning broodstock.  Ideal for raising fry.  This formula is high in fat and not suitable as a staple diet for most species.
  • Super Green – For all Algae Eating Herbivorous Freshwater Fish including Goldfish and koi.

Repashy Super Foods is a perfect way to add garlic or medications to your fish’s diet. Supplements like ground peas, seaweed, mealworms, river shrimp, mysis shrimp and spirulina may be added.

Stop in at Bergen Water Gardens and see a feeding today or order your Repashy Super Foods HERE!

March 2017 Lotus and More

March 2017 has proven to be one of the most challenging months in Rochester, New York area and at Bergen Water Gardens. As a result, our lotus tuber shipping has been delayed by 1 week.

March 8 – 9, Historic windstorm swept through the area, with winds topping 80 mph. Power was lost to over 120,000 area homes, including Bergen Water Gardens and our home. The wind also caused considerable damage to gh 3 and 4. After 3 days, power was restored and temporary repairs were finished.

March 15- 16 : Snowstorm. The Rochester area was blanketed by over 27 inches of snow accompanied by high winds once again. More power outages and travel restrictions.

March 15 & 16: As result of the blizzard threat in New York City, our lotus tuber shipment was delayed. First on the 15th, Customs officers and APHIS inspectors did not have to report to work due to the blizzard. On the 16th, the courier missed picking up the inspected by shipment by 10 minutes. Therefore the lotus tubers were not picked up until March 17th and we received them on Saturday March 18th – about 3 days later than scheduled but the tubers look excellent!

March 17th: Sudden death of my Aunt Florence – Sadly she was the third family member to die in less than year. Helping to make funeral arrangements, followed by the wake and then the funeral on the March 21st took a tremendous amount of personal time and energy.

March 25th: We are completing the final phase of cleaning and sorting the 3,000 Chinese lotus tubers –  We have over 300 varieties growing for 2017!

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we deal with the challenges of this month. We will start to ship our lotus orders on Monday March 27th as growing conditions dictate in your locality. Thank you Larry and Lili


How to Pot Lotus Tubers

How to pot lotus tubers:

Potting lotus tubers is easy. Selection of the correct pot, planting media, planting location and fertilizer are all important to grow your lotus tuber successfully.

Key Points on how to pot lotus tubers:

  • Use correct size pot with no holes
  • Select potting media or soil
  • Do not damage the lead growth tip of the lotus tuber
  • Add water to planting media/soil
  • Gently place tuber on top of soil, cut end at side of pot
  • Cover with small amount of soil
  • Top off with water to top of growing tip
  • Place in full sun
  • Fertilize once first standing leaf grows
  • Watch our video below:

Live Lotus Tubers: Always be careful of growing tip on a lotus tuber, if it’s broken the lotus will likely perish.

  • Pot Size: At Bergen Water Gardens we use a standard 10 plastic pot, without hole for most Bowl lotus. Most of our lotus we use 15″ plastic pot from Laguna (5 gallon). For larger lotus or to grow the lotus larger we use the Laguna 19 ” pot (9 gallon) Check back in April for more exciting pot options!
  • Potting Media: At Bergen Water Gardens we use heavy top soil. Do NOT use a potting mix, with peat or pearlite, as they will float out. There are also several good clay based potting medias to use if you do not have soil. Lastly, in 2017 there is a new mix with Landon’s fertilizer already mixed in – we will trial this mix in 2017.
  • Fertilizer: Place the potted lotus in full sun. several leaves which lay on the water will appear in about 2 weeks. Soon after the first vertical leaf or aerial leaf will appear. Now it’s time to fertilize. At Bergen Water Garden’s we use Pondtabbs Plus Humates as our primary fertilizer. We use 2 tablets in a 15 inch pot every 14 days. Landon’s can also be used in the soil mix but place a layer of plain soil between the lotus tuber, to avoid burning the new lotus root hairs. After a month start fertilizing with Pondtabbs.

Examples of pot grown lotus at Bergen Water Gardens

Red Bowl 14 Lotus                                                      Big Versicolor Lotus                                                   Sleeping Beauty in Red

Look at all our 2017 LOTUS FOR SALE HERE

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Bergen Water Gardens from the Air

Since the year 2000, Bergen Water Gardens has experienced steady grow. Starting in 2016, our expansion has increased in pace and  scope. To document these changes and to provide a unique perspective of our gardens and our exploding Chinese Lotus collection, we have invested in a quadcopter by Yuneec. Our first aerial pictures are below, documenting the cold winter of 2017. Stop back and visit us all summer long and watch the development of Lotus Paradise at Bergen Water Gardens from the air.

Winter 2017

Display Ponds in February… rather bleak


American Conifer Society National Meeting

We at Bergen Water Gardens are proud to promote, support and contribute to the 2017 American Conifer Society National Meeting in East Syracuse, New York. The ACS National meeting will be held August 17 to 19, 2017. The meeting will feature expert conifer speakers, fabulous gardens featuring conifers and conifer auctions. We are especially excited this year as this ACS National Meeting will host the 2nd ever Conifer College! The Conifer College will feature the latest information of growing, caring and pruning your conifers. The Conifer College will end with a beautiful dinner cruise on Skaneateles Lake. Learn about the American Conifer Society.

Complete American Conifer Society National Meeting information may be found here…. American Conifer Society National Meeting

As a member of the American Conifer Society for the past 30 plus years, Past Northeast President and Past ACS National President I encourage you to join this ACS National Meeting and discover the world of Conifers! A very special thank you to my good friends and meeting organizers, Elmer Dustman and Jerry Kral, for planning this extraordinary ACS National meeting in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York!

Why we love to garden with conifers:


Detective Erika Waterlily

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to be the exclusive source of the Detective Erika waterlily. Nymphaea ‘Detective Erika’ is destined to become a legendary waterlily as it’s one of the first commercially available hardy purple waterlilies. BUY Detective Erika

Detective Erika waterlily was created by Mr. Zijun Li of Guangzhou China in 2013. This unique waterlily is a cross between Nymphaea x Brachyceras or a hardy and a tropical waterlily hybrid. Such a waterlily is called an Intersubgeneric Hybrid or ISG hybrid. Zijun named this waterlily after one of his favorite novel characters Detective Erika Furundo. Detective Erika is an outstanding waterlily which produces 8 inch (20 cm) rich purple flowers. The petals are narrow and elongate; the flower is star-shaped. Detective Erika is a profuse blooming waterlily and will be a vigorous grower. In 2016 Detective Erika was named Best New Waterlily and was the 1st Place winner of the ISG Waterlily division by the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society. BUY Detective Erika

Zijun Li is remarkable hybridizer in his home town of Guangzhou China. Zijun started hybridizing lotus at age 10 in his small rooftop nursery. By age 12 (2007) he had created dozens of new lotus hybrids. A friend introduced Zijun to waterlilies and by 2011 he had started to hybridize them.Soon thousands of seedling would raised in his tiny indoor nursery under artificial lights. In 2012 Zijun successfully created then intersubgeneric cross of Nymphaea x Brachyceras and in 2015 Anecphya x Brachyceras hybrids were created. Zijun carefully selected 10 plants to be named from the 200 flowering seedlings he was evaluating: N. ‘Detective Erika’ was identified.

Lotus Paradise

Bergen Water Gardens  grows the largest collection of Chinese lotus in North America. We are proud of our magnificent lotus paradise. Overall the past several years, we have researched and sought out the best Chinese Lotus from China. In 2017 we will grow over 150 varieties of lotus, including 35 cultivars of bowl lotus.

Throughout 2017 we will expand our display lotus ponds. Our growing area will feature over 900 pots of lotus to examine and photograph. We invite you to visit Bergen Water Gardens during the summer of 2017 and experience our lotus paradise.

Lotus tubers may be ordered here from December 2016 until May 2017 or as supplies last. Learn how to pot lotus tubers

Please click the BLUE NAME below each picture when you would like to make a order!!

Our 2017 Lotus Paradise:

18 Little Red                   Ai Jiangnan                   Ancient China                  Apricot’s Pink                  Apricot Yellow               Autumn in Moling

Big Red Robe               Big Versicolor Red               Blooming               Bright Sky Lotus             Buddha Seat Lotus 13          Butterfly’s Love

Charming Lips Lotus       CR Beijing Lotus          CR Jiaxing Lotus              CR Jingangshan              CR Ruijin               CR Shaoshan

CR Shanghai lotus           CR Xibeipo lotus            CR Yan’an lotus           CR Zunyi lotus             Chong shui Hua    White Chrysanthermum lotus

Chu Chu Lotus               Chu Lady Lotus            Colorful Jade Lotus      Cool Beauty Lotus      Red Crab Claws Lotus     Dancing Sword Lotus

Deepest Love in 5 Miles   Dream of 6th Dynasty      Drunk Cloud           Drunken Dancing         Drunken Jade Town    Dwarf Red Lovesick Bean 

East Lake Pink Lotus     Elegant Woman Lotus           Emilia Lotus            Excellent 13 Lotus       Fair Dawn Lotus       Fairy of Da He Lotus

Fairy Releasing Flower    Feather of Phoenix     Flying in the Autumn      Flying Rainbow Lotus        Gardenia Lotus          Gold Apple Lotus

Golden Autumn Lotus    Golden Monkey Lotus    Golden Sun Lotus      Graceful Guanyin Lotus        Green Clouds      Gulang Little Red Lotus

Hands of Goddess of Mercy    Handsome Hero      Handsome Hero 13       Heart Blood Lotus          Hope Lotus                Huge Pink Lotus

Icing on the Cake   Imperial Concubine Out of Bath   Jade Cloud 13     Jade Cup Bud Lotus       Jade Girl of Chuxiang      Jade Cloud Lotus

Jade Girl of Fujian Lotus    Jade in Jinling Lotus   Joyful Smiling Lotus     June Snow Lotus           Junyu Lotus                Red Kapok Lotus

Lanceolate Pink Lotus   Large Beauty Lotus   Little Dancing Empress    Little Oriole Lotus       Little Princess Lotus     Little Red Duplicate Lotus

Little Red Peach Lotus   Little Spirits Lotus      Look Back Three Times       Lovebird Lotus           Magnificent Lotus             Maid Lotus

Mandarin Duck Brocade    Midnight Lotus   Mrs. Perry D.Slocum Lotus  National Red Lotus   New Beginning Lotus   New Colorful Brocade Lotus

New Deepest Love       New Lanceolate Red     New Orange of Loquat       New Polaris                   New Red              New Song of Fenghe

Oriole Lotus                Overlord’s Gown Lotus           Peach Lotus           Perfect White Lotus         Peak of Pink Lotus     Pink Make-up No.1 Lotus

Pink Thousand Petal         Pink Tree Peony            Pretty Girl Lotus           Pretty Woman Lotus      Prosperous Red Lotus     Pure and Clean Lotus

Purple Fairy No.2 Lotus   Purple Fairy No.6 Lotus   Puzhehei Red Lotus  Rain Spatter Lotus   Raining in the Sun Lotus      Raining Love Lotus

Red Bowl 14 Lotus       Red Commander Lotus    Red Crab Claws Lotus   Red Exquisite Lotus      Red Lady Lotus      Red Lantern Lotus

Red Peony Lotus             Red River Lotus          Red Silk A Lotus          Red Tree Peony Lotus       Resplendent Lotus        Rich Harvest Lotus

Sleeping Beauty in Red   Snow-white Fragrant Sea    Space 36 Lotus      Sparks Lotus          Spirit of Phoenix Lotus     Spring Peach Lotus

Storm 13 Lotus            Sunset Clouds Lotus          Super Lotus             Super Excellent Lotus     Super Excellent 13 Lotus    Small Versicolor Red

The Song of Moon    Three Hundreds Petaled Red    Versicolor Edged  Walking in the Snow   White Chrysanthemum   Xixiang Wait for the Moon

Yan Er Mei Lotus        Yellow Silk Tree Lotus      Yimeng Red Lotus           Yixian Lotus                 Zhongshanhongtai       Zhufeng Cuiying Lotus

Peach Blossom Fan      Colorful Glow Lotus       Master Lotus     Colorful Butterfly 13  Drunken Dancing under Sunshine  Morning Cloud

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New Rainwater Pond

Recently we completed another project: a new rainwater pond which holds over 3,300 gallons of water. Since we opened in 2000 we have collected and stored rainwater at Bergen Water Gardens. The source of the water is the roofs of our greenhouses and it is piped to holding ponds. As we offer more varieties of carnivorous plants rainwater is especially critical. Carnivorous plants will not tolerate tap water which is typically high in salts and has a high pH here in New York.

This project took some time but it was completed with mostly recycled materials at a minimal cost. Now we can move forward with completion of our fourth greenhouse for carnivorous plants with an ample supply of rainwater.

Carnivorous Plant Water Table and Lotus Plants

With the summer of 2016 winding down, we finally had a chance to work on the area directly behind greenhouse #4. Specifically, we built a new 42 feet long carnivorous plant water table. This growing area will accommodate our staple carnivorous plants such as S. Carolina Yellow Jacket, S. leucophylla Tarnok and King Henry Venus Fly Trap.  The carnivorous plant water table will be part of a circulating water system.  It will receive it’s water from an adjacent cp growing table and return the water to the neighboring rainwater pond. The area directly below will be used to display our 2017 lotus stock plant collection. For now, the lower wall makes an ideal display area for a few of our 2016 lotus plants.

The project made use of wall stone from an auctioned off pond at a local garden center, which closed 3 years ago. The blocks have been sitting in our parking lot during this time waiting to be used once again. Many thanks to our staff at Bergen Water Gardens who helped to move the 120+ wall stones and 16 tons of gravel!

Currently we are growing the following carnivorous plants from tissue culture. Most of the carnivorous plants, especially American Pitcher Plants, will be available in 2017.

A few Venus Fly Traps:

Visitors might also spot a few sundews, butterworts and Nepenthes in the future.