Thanksgiving Offer Free Charming Lips Lotus

Thanksgiving Offer Free Charming Lips Lotus

Bergen Water Gardens is grateful for the support of all our wonderful customers!

To express our gratitude, we will include 1 Charming Lips Lotus Tuber for FREE with each order placed of 2 or more tubers on November 21, 22, 23, 2017!

Charming Lips is one of our most spectacular Chinese lotus!

Select from our Premium Lotus Collection!

Limited offer, one free lotus tuber per order. Orders must be received November 21, 22, 23. We will confirm free lotus tuber by email. Lotus tubers will ship in late March 2018.

Stunning Thai Orchids

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to import a few varieties of Stunning Thai Orchids. The Thai Orchids were propagated and cultivated in Thailand but are found in a number of areas of Southeast Asia and a few originally from South America . This selection of orchids features many which are delightfully fragrant. These beautiful orchids are acclimating to our Nepenthes greenhouse now – October 2017 and will be offered for sale on our website in the near future.


Aerides lawrenceae

Rhynchostylis retusa Spot

Vanda denisoniana

Orchid Hybrids:

Oncidium Sweet Sugar


Aerides lawrenceae x Vasco. Pine River, Pink

Rhtrds. Norma: Aerides Bangkok x Rhy. gigantea Red

Rhynch Bangkok Sunset

Rhv. Sri Siam x Rhy. gigantea Red BS

Vasco. Baby Blue x Rhy. coelestis, Blue

Vasco. Sashicha Blue

Lotus Palace

To most people, looking at our new building they see a pole barn. To the staff at Bergen Water Gardens, this is our new Lotus Palace. Of course we like to joke this is Lili’s Lotus Palace, the center of Lotus Paradise. This new building will be our central area where we will coordinate, organize and store our lotus “endeavors”. The primary product will continue to be our lotus tubers and plants. Every day we are in contact with numerous hybridizers throughout China to search out new and unique lotus for the US market. We are working with the skilled craftsman in Jingdezhen to produce magnificent lotus porcelain pots, lamps and other beautiful lotus themed wares. We warmly thank all of our customers who have helped us grow over the past few years. Now as you drive down Buffalo Road look for the bright “Chinese Red” roof and you know you have arrived at Lotus Paradise at Bergen Water Gardens. Thank you again Larry and Lili Nau

This project would not have been possible without the help of Brian Demillo and the amazing crew at Santelli Lumber !

In the Beginning – September 8th, 2017:

Site Prep – September 9th: thank you to Dave and the crew at ARI Construction & Masonry

Materials Arrive September 22nd and 27th:

Tuesday October 3 – Day 1 of construction:

Wednesday October 4 – Day 2 of Construction & Mid-Autumn Festival:

On the way is the power, water and security system. Our floor will come next week.

Nepenthes Seedlings

Nepenthes seedlings arrived about 3 months ago at Bergen Water Gardens. As of October 1st, almost every Nepenthes seedling has started to pitcher and re-established itself. While most of the pitchers are still small, there is gorgeous selection of color and outstanding shapes! Some of the Nepenthes seedlings will be available for sale in the near future.


New Lotus Seedlings 2017

Here is a quick look at the new lotus seedlings created at Bergen Water Gardens  for 2017. We have germinated some select seeds for some of our favorite 216 lotus plants: Chinese Red Beijing, Jade in Jinling and Heart Blood to name a few. We will have to grow these plants a few years to see if they are stable and if they are “worthy” to be named. For now,  we have some beautiful, new lotus seedlings.

Our favorite so far:


2017 Lotus Season

The 2017 Lotus Season is in full swing at Lotus Paradise, at Bergen Water Gardens. 2017 started off cool and wet but the lotus plants are now responding to the sun and heat of 2017. Below is a sampling of the many new Chinese lotus varieties, along with a video of our lotus growing in their 5 x 5 ponds. Peak time to visit Bergen Water Gardens during our 2017 Lotus Season is 10am  to 2 pm during the month of August.

July 2017 Hours

Larry will be in China to speak at the Chinese Flower Expo 2017 in Yinchuan China.

Unfortunately this means we will have limited hours for 12 days:

Tuesday      July 11         9:30 – 3:00

Wednesday July 12        CLOSED

Thursday     July 13        CLOSED

Friday         July 14         CLOSED

Saturday    July 15        1:30 – 4:00

Sunday      July 16        10:00 – 4:00

Monday     July 17         CLOSED

Tuesday    July 18         CLOSED

Wednesday July 19      CLOSED

Thursday     July 20      10:00 – 6:00

Friday         July 21        10:00 – 6:00

Saturday     July 22       10:00 – 6:00

Sunday       July 23       10:00 – 5:00

Lotus Paradise July 2017

After a cold and wet spring, the lotus are growing nicely in July 2017. Lotus Paradise is about one month late but we expect the end of July and the month of August to be filled with hundreds of lotus flowers! Please come and visit.

To see part of our 2017 collection visit Lotus Paradise


Lili’s Playground

Lili’s Playground is the new area we have just created to grow our potted lotus. This new section of Lotus Paradise is approximately 29 feet by 100 feet long. Here we will grow, evaluate, photograph and preserve over 320 varieties of Chinese lotus in 2017. Each variety will have its own row and will have a minimum of 2 pots. During the month of June another 400 pots will be filled, creating just over 1,000 pots of Chinese lotus!

Lili’s Playground is the second major phase of our effort to grow and display the many superb varieties of Chinese lotus. Our first phase is now up to 20 – 5′ x 5′ lotus display ponds as of May 2017. As the weather improves, we hope to construct 5 more ponds.

2017 is off to a slow start as cooler than average temperatures, combined with frequent rain, have teamed up to slow down lotus growth. We expect peak blooming season to be late July and August of 2017.

A few examples of Chinese lotus. Our Lotus Paradise page has our Chinese lotus offered in 2017

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2017 Koi and Pond Fish have arrived

New koi and pond fish are arriving weekly at Bergen Water Gardens. Early May has been thus far very cold and rainy therefore limiting the introduction of new fish to outdoor ponds. When the warm temperatures arrive, we will have plenty of koi of and ponds fish.

Choose from:

  • 3 – 4 inch select standard and butterfly koi
  • 4 to 6 inch select standard and butterfly koi
  • 6 to 8 inch select standard and butterfly koi
  • 3 to 4 inch Wakin
  • 3 to 4 inch Sarasa Comet and Shubunkin
  • 4 to 6 inch Sarasa Comet and Shubunkin
  • 4 inch Apricot Comets

Check out our new koi treats you make at home HERE.

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